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Dog vest #321 INTEGREX

The dog vest Integrex it is an excellence in the Konustex collection as it represents one of the best-selling products. The history of this product comes to life in 2019 even if in reality the gestation started a year earlier to try to obtain a truly safe product for our faithful friend. Anyone who has had the opportunity to introduce their dog to this type of article will already be aware of the problem of getting him to accept wearing this item, as well as the difficulty in case of rain. Sometimes we prefer to ignore it to avoid discomfort or for convenience but the boar's attack cannot be ignored and protecting your animal must be a priority for every hunter. It is therefore certainly a question of making an initial effort to put him in a position to get used to it, you have to take the necessary time but the possibility of keeping him safe from the blow inflicted by the wild boar's tusks is priceless. Furthermore, the cost of the vest must necessarily be compared with the costs of veterinary care necessary in case of deep wounds and therefore this accessory becomes a prerogative for every outing.

The consumer's expectations on this item must be clarified as those who have never used a product of this kind mistakenly think that it is armor that will remain unchanged over time. If you can use it for two years it is an excellent result. In reality, the purpose of the vest is to preserve the dog's vital organs and for this reason the anti-perforation fabric is positioned in the lower part of the vest.

The back and neck are not anti-perforation, just as the external layer of the vest is made of nylon and is therefore subject to the normal wear and tear that this material can have (however much more resistant than normal polyester). The Konustex guarantee responds in the event of holes in the lower part of the fabric while for tears in other areas you will not be entitled to replacements or repairs. If the dog gets caught in a branch or a bramble and instead of backing away to get out of the way, he forces and pulls forward, obviously the dog will prevail but some stitching could be loosened or torn due to the dog's strength. If this were not the case, the dog could also harm itself and therefore, although Konus is constantly studying how to improve this garment, some stitching that comes loose may occur during use but this is something that can be remedied in the tailor's shop. Over the last year, however, the product has been significantly improved with additional bartacks to try to reinforce the points most subject to stress and we are satisfied that the cases of breakage (due to stitching) are really limited. It has also happened to some customers that, after their dog survived an attack by a wild boar thanks to Integrex, they complained that the vest had to be thrown away... so be it, we say. It means that it has done its job and that it has saved your dog from strong blows, deep wounds and a lot of suffering, so with satisfaction buy a new one!

The effectiveness of the anti-perforation fabric is demonstrated by two different tests:

1) the screwdriver test : this is a test accessible to everyone which is carried out with any flat screwdriver, two people hold the vest taut and with all their strength a third person hits the head with the tip of the screwdriver demonstrating that no it gets punctured. This test in its simplicity is very indicative as the boar's tooth is really similar to the screwdriver. The outer layer will be ruined but no blow will be able to pierce the internal material.

Here's ours screwdriver test video :

2) the rifle optics machine test: As a manufacturer of rifle optics, Konus is used to testing optics with a special machine that subjects them to very strong blows simulating the recoil of truly powerful weapons. We therefore combined the hammer that normally hits the optics with the usual flat-tipped screwdriver which is then thrown against the vest with extreme power well above the strength of a wild boar. The test is successfully passed with some damage to the external layer but none involving the internal protective state.

Here is our film on the test of the weapon recoil machine:

Juggle between size charts it's not always easy but we recommend focusing on the crew neck and then on the length of the dog's back, with just these two parameters you can quite easily distinguish the most suitable size. Model Integrex it is particularly adaptable thanks to the large adjustment velcros designed according to any changes in the dog's weight (or pregnancies). The indication remains that of not choosing a model that is too "right" because a bit of margin is needed as well as not to exaggerate when 'to abound because a bodice that doesn't fit bothers the person concerned (it can even cause injuries), they don't feel it is theirs and therefore they won't get used to it. There remains an inevitable percentage of cases of dogs that completely refuse this type of article even when the models are varied and in this case all we can do is reluctantly respect this inclination; for the vast majority it will instead be enough to dedicate a few days to having them wear it for an increasingly longer period of time. Gradualness is necessary as is not giving up if the first attempts are rather disappointing. It is normal for the dog to stay still the first few times, immobile once he wears it, by increasing the time step by step he will begin to make some movements until he convinces himself that this "foreign body" can make sense.

Model Integrex it was designed precisely to facilitate the dog in this acceptance process.
The more a bodice wraps around you, the less annoying it will be to the dog, so we have developed three attachment straps that will ensure that it adheres delicately to his body. Insert the front legs into the holes provided, close the Velcro on the back and neck, then the straps, fasten the Velcro on the back and finally the one on the neck. After just two uses you will have gained practice in the process and after the first few days the dog will demonstrate progress to the point of no longer feeling the vest like a foreign body.

The details that are appreciated

Some more details that we want to highlight are for example the side bands of different colours: reflective silver and fluorescent yellow. With this distinction between one side and the other the hunter will always know by seeing the dog in the distance which side he is facing and therefore consequently where to expect the wild boar. THE leash loops and back pocket with waterproof zip It makes the article complete as does the 3D mesh lining which ensures that the vest does not overheat while adhering.

The vest cannot guarantee 100% protection because it should completely cover the dog, but just pay a little attention when purchasing and you will certainly be protected from unpleasant surprises and you will have the peace of mind of having done everything possible to protect a trusted companion .

Thanks to all those who bought the product again, happy to have ruined it and saved the dog!

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