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Konus ABSOLUTE 5x-40×56 ZOOM. Specialista nei tiri a lunga distanza -

Konus ABSOLUTE 5x-40×56 ZOOM. Long range shooting specialist

Here we are discovering the new Konus shooting scope #7179 Absolute 5x-40×56 zoom . As soon as it is mounted on our hunting rifle, we immediately appreciate the brightness and sharpness which, thanks to the high contrast, we are able to quickly acquire and keep the target in sight even at long distances.

New Konus scope for hunting and target rifles.

The Italian company Konus Italia Group Spa . is continuing, with growing sales success, to offer high quality functional products at absolutely competitive prices on national and foreign markets. One of the latest proposals is the rifle scope Absolute 5x-40×56 zoom , a technologically advanced instrument characterized by excellent brightness and image quality that maintains a high and sharp image contrast even at the highest magnifications.

Just the variable number of magnifications make it the perfect tool for long distance shooting , at the shooting range, but also when hunting, where however we remember, when hunting, never to risk too extreme shots that could jeopardize the ethical nature of the collection. The package that houses the optics is elegant and well padded and inside there is a multilingual instruction manual, and the Allen key for unlocking the turrets to reset the adjustments.

The peculiar characteristics of the Absolute 5x-40×56 zoom , can be summarized as follows:

ED optics, low dispersion with a compact design, with a tube with a diameter of 30 mm and a weight of approximately 800 g, wide field of vision, with exceptional optical performance with resolution without image distortion. Constant eye relief at all magnifications, with ultra white optics, fully multicoated, For greater light transmission, the lenses have also been subjected to one special anti-water treatment and the kit also includes a lens hood included.

The adjustments for horizontal and vertical shooting are guaranteed by Precision, lockable and resettable tactical turrets and there is also a lateral adjustment for parallax correction

Technical data sheet of the Absolute 5x-40×56 zoom

– FIELD OF VISION AT 100 M.: 7.3 AT 5X – 0.9 AT 40X
- LENGTH: 401.5MM.
– EYE RELIEF MM.: 91MM. A 5X – 92MM. At 40X
– EXIT PUPIL MM: 8 to 5X – 1.4 to 40X
– SHOT VALUE AT 100 M.: 1/10 MIL

Summing up, the Absolute 5x-40×56 zoom by Konus Italia Group Spa, it is an excellent product, in line with expectations, light and of excellent workmanship, extremely precise with a quality of lenses and surprising sharpness. Furthermore, the company's choice to offer it on the market with a price of 899 Euros and the customer support supplied by the company after sales, they certainly constitute a plus when compared with other products.

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