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Right Full Finger Professional Billiard Glove

Right Full Finger Professional Billiard Glove

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Professional billiard glove full fingers right Made in Italy for left-handed

This billiard glove has been designed to allow maximum sliding of the cue on the point of support of the table with the hand; this avoids the continuous use of talcum powder, thus leaving the cue hands and the billiard cloth always clean.

The model of the billiard glove is anatomical and above all perfectly adherent to the hand, not like for example those hateful gloves that are good for the right and left hand that create annoying creases when wearing and when playing.

We produce it in Italy with and without fingers to satisfy various personal needs, with total control and sensitivity of support.
The posino is open with the possibility of adjustment with Velcro.
It can be washed in lukewarm water and ironed at 30°
Available in black colour.

AVAILABLE SIZES S (7,5-8) M (8,5-9) L (9-10,5) XL(11-11,5)

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