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Konus LAVA 1000 Ln head torch

Konus LAVA 1000 Ln head torch

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Sunmatic HeadLamps allow you to be
the best in every situation.
When you combine: innovation, comfort,

durability and incredible brightness,
you get lamps that will
always be your best friend in the dark.
Lava is an innovative and advanced rechargeable lamp for professional use.
With a power of 1000 lumens and a wide beam, this
lamp was designed for heavy work.


Lighting range: more than 230m
Duration: high white 3h / medium white 8.30h low white 45h / red light 42h
Rear red light for added safety
Helmet hooks included
Weight 271 g (with battery)
Resistant to rain and splashes
USB rechargeable built-in 18650 Li-ion battery
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