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Mushroom backpack bag KONUSTEX CERTO BACKPACK

Mushroom backpack bag KONUSTEX CERTO BACKPACK

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The smart mushroom backpack that combines many features in one product.

The central part of the backpack has two internal semi-rigid wings that fasten them quickly with Velcro, allowing you to give rigidity to the backpack while avoiding compression of the contents.

The top lid opens on both sides allowing collection with the backpack on the shoulders or on the hip by carrying it over the shoulder.

The lower part has a reinforced large-mesh mesh to let soil and spores escape and a closing lid to avoid getting dirty when loading it into the car.

On the 2 sides there are two insulated bottle holders to keep liquids cold or warm, according to your needs.

Double front pocket.

Shoulder straps and all straps are adjustable and quick release.

Dimensions 43x34x30 cm - 43 litres

For use, follow the regulations of the collection area.


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