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Konus Binoculars ZOOMY-25 8-17X25 #2059

Konus Binoculars ZOOMY-25 8-17X25 #2059

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The ZOOMYs offer the advantage of zoom binoculars,
which allows you to choose the field to be observed and gradually enlarge it.

This feature joins the advantage of pocket binoculars, which you can take anywhere. From this union was born the ZOOMY series with its futuristic design and the variety of magnifications.

These binoculars are complete tools and their versatility will surprise you.

The ZOOMYs provide from 8 to 17 magnifications.

Both are supplied with case and shoulder strap in an elegant colored package.

user instructions in 8 languages: UK-USA, I, E, F, D, P, NL, GR

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